Delicious Cortex

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Partake in Delicious Cortex and become of the Lich King, players! However, the human invaders are messing around your domain. It's time to teach them that you're the real boss here.
Play as the most powerful character in this game, you can even take control of a zombie army. With those guys joking playfully to you, the only decision that fits this situation is – invoking the minions to kill them. No mercy! Bear in mind, you don't control the undead directly; instead, simply lead them around and give them orders. Tell them to drive the enemies out of your Kingdom. You have more power, the zombies have more yummy meals – everything is fair, right? But, at the end of the day, they're the BLOODTHIRSTY creatures, so don't expect them to be loyal to you.
Watch out the Health bar at the top! Succeed in Delicious Cortex before your blood runs out.

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